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Shoulder Instability In Various Age Groups

So your shoulder popped out, or perhaps you have a friend who experienced this before? Shoulder instability can be a common problem with various different age groups, and treatment option also varies accordingly.

First of all, in the younger population including teenagers and early 20 year olds, shoulder instability including dislocation that requires a trip to the emergency room and have the shoulder put back in place, as well as, shoulder that tends to sublux out of the joint and goes back on its own.

Dislocated Shoulder Instability

All these are included in the instability category. The outcome depends greatly on the age of first time dislocation, the involvement of competitive sports, and the hyperlaxity of the shoulder joint itself.

Shoulder Popped Out

Generally we can predict whether if there is high likelihood of recurrence for the shoulder instability or dislocation again. In this category of younger athletes generally, the treatment is more aggressive because high of the likelihood of recurrence.

Instability In Older Age Groups

Once the patient population gets slightly older usually in their 30ís or 40ís, the dislocation recurrence rate drops tremendously. A lot of people are amendable for conservative treatment for a period of time and go through a round of a rehab. As long as there is no recurrence of instability, no additional surgical treatment would be needed.

For elderly population in the 60ís and above, shoulder dislocation generally is highly associated with large or massive rotator cuff tendon tear and this needs to be assessed thoroughly after the shoulder has been immobilized for a period of time.

Surgical Repair of the Shoulder

There may be high likelihood of surgical repair, not to stabilize the shoulder because of dislocation recurrence, but to actually repair an acute rotator cuff tendon tear to preserve overhead shoulder function.

This can be assessed by your orthopedic surgeon who specialize in shoulder surgery to provide with further information and recommendation.

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